How to choose and register a domain name

You are a legal or natural person, who wants to market their services or products by posting information about their products or services online.

Where to start?

In order for your website to become more popular , it is important that your website name remains top of the mind with your customers, therefore, choose a domain name, which is associated with your brand and services offered.

If your target market is only Latvian customers, we recommend using a domain extension with .lv, which would automatically be associated and applied to Latvian customers. You can register your domain name at at a discount if you choose to register for a period of two or more years.

Since you have to choose a hosting service, we recommend to register your domain name and hosting at the hosting service provider.

The .lv domain registration for one year costs EUR 12.05 and we recommend to register it on your or your company’s name that after the end of the payment period you can make an invoice if necessary for your company and be able to access your domain at any time.

The domain name  with an extension .lv can be registered by any legal or natural person, regardless of nationality.

If your website is aimed for international market, we recommend using .com or other international domain extensions, which you can register at the recommended domain registrator

You can also register your domain name depending on your industry using one of the new available extensions. In this case we recommend using domain registration website.

Selection of WordPress themes

When the WordPress platform is successfully installed, you have to choose the right design (theme) for your website. The most popular and most successfully sold theme is AVADA, which can be effectively used for informative websites for various industries as well as e-store development, blogging platforms, forums, service booking, news sites, etc. The AVADA theme price with a lifetime updates is $ 60.

AVADA theme offers ready made DEMO websites in one-click after which you simply need to replace text, links and images as well as contact information.

How to choose a hosting service provider

The loading speed of your website for your customer and its availability depends on the server on which your website will be hosted, which should not be less than 99% guaranteed by default. When choosing a website maintainer – hosting, pay attention to the features of the control panel. You need to be able to automatically install any of the free website platforms, maintain database, provide backup of files and database as well as 24/7 technical support either by phone or e-mail.

On the hosting control panel you will be able to access files and databases through the panel itself or through FTP with the most popular program FILEZILLA, and direct access to databases with PHPMyadmin.

You will be able to make domain forwarding to another domain as well as create unlimited number of subdomains and e-mails.

If the hosting provider offers to place two domains and only one database, you should know that it is a marketing trick and you should choose another provider. You should also be able to create unlimited email accounts and the number of website visitors should be unlimited.

For years a reliable hosting service provider has been whose server is physically located in the Netherlands. From the foreign WordPress hosting providers you can choose

As previously mentioned, your hosting service provider control panel should provide an automatic one-click WordPress installation that includes the creation of database and automatic WordPress theme connection, information about updates, security updates, automatic WordPress, WP theme and plugin updates.

When installing WP automatically, make sure to change the WP file hosting directory from WP, modify WP-ADMIN dashboard link for WP administrator access as well as change the administrator’s dashboard access name, which by default is ADMIN. If several websites will be stored on your server, then choose a WP database name referable to the domain name.

Generate your new password automatically so that you can access the website only by copying it from the email or by automatically logging in from your computer or control panel.